Velvet bioclimatic pergola with sliding slats that can also rotate according to the orientation of the sun. Thanks to Velvet Motion’s patented technology, the slats can rotate according to the orientation of the sun at an angle from 0° to 85°, creating a pleasant microclimate, or they can completely retract, allowing you to enjoy the open sky. Velvet Plus allows full integration of perimeter ZIP awnings thanks to patented internal guides.‎ This solution allows for the installation of glass walls to protect against wind or blinds, which are essential to avoid the greenhouse effect in the warmer months.

The preliminary price for a 4×4 m pergola starts from 30250.00 Euros, additional items and accessories are estimated separately.

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Leg 17x17cm, The height of the roof structure is 28 cm, The maximum size of one module is 450x607cm, Leg height 240cm


LED strip along the entire perimeter of the roof, RGB LED, Spot LED lighting of lamellae