Modular bioclimatic pergola in powder coated extruded aluminium, available in self-bearing or leaning version. When closed, the blades protect from rain and sun and, when open, create a pleasant natural ventilation within range. Thanks to their minimal design they perfectly fit into any architectural environment, enhancing it. The many possible combinations and the versatility of the opening of the blades allow for full freedom of expression in the design stage. The characteristic opening movement and the side sealing system of the blades are Gibus exclusive patents. If fully automated, Twist can automatically respond to climatic conditions by adjusting the position of the blades to achieve effective protection or a natural and ecological cooling. 

The preliminary price for a 4×4 m pergola starts from 18392.00 Euros, additional items and accessories are estimated separately.

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Leg 15x15cm, The height of the roof structure is 31 cm, The maximum size of one module is 500x750cm, Leg height 240cm, The height of the roof structure is 31 cm



LED strip along the entire perimeter of the roof, RGB LED, Spot LED lighting of lamellae