Pergolas are an increasingly popular solution for those looking to enjoy the benefits of a terrace regardless of the weather. Our partners at the Neringa Hotel discovered this firsthand when we implemented a beautiful Gibus pergola project on their terrace.

Due to the “floating” floor construction, we had to design separate concrete main supports that could bear the weight of all the pergolas. Metal beams were added to ensure stability for the glass partitions and pergolas, while the level of the glass partition profiles and tiles was expertly equalized. We even designed rainwater gutters under the floors near the side walls of the pergola to ensure that bar guests would never feel discomfort when it rained.

Though we faced some initial challenges in implementing this project, we overcame them and now have one of the most stunning rooftop terraces in all of Vilnius. Gibus themselves have even called it one of the most beautiful projects to feature their pergolas.