Okamura understands that people are shaped differently. To accommodate different body types, we developed a unique and easily adjustable seat curve that supports a wide range of back sizes. The back curve adjustment helps Sylphy achieve personalized seating comfort for the whole office.


  • Seat height adjustment. You can adjust seat height by pulling the lever under the seat on the right.
  • Seat depht adjustment. Adjust the seat depth within a range of 50mm by operating the lever on the left hand side of the seat.
  • 3D adjustable armrest.
  • Reclining tension.
  • Recline and lock. The syncro-tilt mechanism moves the backrest and seat simultaneously. A dial under the seat allows the backrest be set to move freely or be locked in one of the four positions.

Possible extras:

  • Adjustable armrest (145 Eur)
  • Headrest (121 Eur)
  • Work Veil (399 Eur)
  • Coat Hanger (103 Eur)
  • Lumbar Support (79 Eur)

Additional information



Chrome, Plastic


Fabric, Mesh

Shell colour

Black, White