This single acoustic room is a great place for calls, video conferences or work when you need to concentrate. The set includes a spacious table and all necessary connections. Ventilation constantly brings fresh air into the cabin and exhausts warm air to keep you fresh. Perfect sound insulation – 5 layers of soundproof materials block extraneous sounds.

The cabin consists of:

  • Soundproof glass. Two layers of glass laminated with an acoustic membrane specially designed to limit sound entering or leaving the cabin.
  • Echo absorbing felt. The felt lining on the inner walls absorbs any echo inside the phone booth.
  • Spacious hardwood table. One of the largest tables you will find in any cabin.
  • Magnetic door. A magnetic door allows easy access to the phone booth.
  • Motion sensor. Both lights and ventilation automatically turn on when you enter the cabin and turn off when you leave.
  • An electrical outlet and 2 USB-C charging ports allow you to charge your devices. LAN connections are available.
  • Soundproof walls. 5 layers of soundproofing materials absorb and reflect different sound frequencies, keeping your conversations private. -35 db reduction.
  • Best-in-class ventilation. 7 ultra-quiet fans bring fresh air in and warm air out of the phone booth.
  • Integrated wheels. The cabin can be moved whenever you decide.



Depth: 110 cm
Width: 105 cm
Height: 235 cm


Depth: 95 cm
Width: 95 cm
Height: 214 cm

Price from 5000 EUR (excl. shipping and assembling).