Traeger Pro 22 is a grill that burns with natural wood pellets. It is perfect for both professionals and beginners. Traeger grills are special in that they require absolutely no maintenance while preparing food, grills ideally maintain the set temperature. Pellets give food a special, real taste. This grill has even 6 cooking modes: grilling, smoking, roasting, baking, stewing and barbecue. A powerful screw feeds fuel into the combustion chamber, the electric burner in it ignites the fuel and prevents it from going out. The ventilation system built into the grill will ensure even heat distribution throughout the grill. A large container of wood pellets will allow you to cook for 20 hours and smoke for 40 hours. The spacious cooking area will allow you to cook even 10 kg of meat or four chickens at the same time. Traeger Pro 22 is very economical, it will consume 300 watts in the first minutes and only 50 watts of electricity for the rest of the cooking. Sturdy wheels will allow you to easily transport the barbecue from one place to another.

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124.4cm x 104.1cm x 68.6cm