HEATSCOPE® infrared radiant heaters are the result of an unconditional design premise coupled with decades of experience in the development and design of effective and energy-efficient heating technologies. With the use of two fast IR-Carbon heating elements (almost medium wave), it has been possible to obtain the best heat output worldwide in the field of IR heating systems.

The HEATSCOPE® PURE is the only radiant heater in the world to feature a convex shaped SCHOTT NEXTREMA® glass front. In the first place, the glass fulfills a technical purpose: the curvature places the carbon heating elements directly behind the front and releases even more heat into the A-shaped heating corridor below – with significantly reduced light at the same time.
Not without reason, the HEATSCOPE® PURE, designed by the design studio Bjørn Blisse, was awarded the RedDot Design Award 2018.

  • Convex shaped black front screen.
  • High Performance Industrial Glass Ceramics SCHOTT NEXTREMA®.
  • Black or white coated aluminum body
  • Energy efficient double carbon heating elements just behind the domed glass front.
  • Patented reflector heating system with ventilated rear.
  • Visible light:
  • Maximum power in 20 seconds.
  • Colors (front / corpus): black or white
  • Power: 2400 W
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Dimensions spotlight: 1044 x 166 x 87 mm
  • Protection class: IP65

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1044 x 166 x 87 mm





Black, White