This is an all-natural product combining high-quality timber veneer and a non-combustible, high-density fibre gypsum core. Natural materials that contribute to better interiors.

From a normal viewing distance, the Nano perforation is invisible, but the acoustic qualities are excellent with absorption class B (αw 0,85). Gustafs Nano is less depending on insulation and air gaps behind the panel, so in general thinner walls and ceilings can be achieved, saving valuable space. Depending on the wood specie, the type of veneer cut, the pigmentation and ultimately the installation pattern, a wooden Nano panel brings nature in-door. Our acoustic panels are installed with Gustafs famous Capax system for a beautiful end-result.

Additional information


1200x2400mm, 600x3000mm


Fire class

ASTM-A, B-s1, d0

Acoustic class

B, C



Adaptable for

Ceiling, Walls