Acoustic panels are a modern and refined solution when it comes to creating design you want to see.

With the planks and felt combined, the total thickness is 22 mm.

You can install your acoustic panels with just a few tools, and with our installation instructions you will be safe throughout the process.

Acoustic panels are ideal for use in any room where reverberation is a problem. The acoustic filter from the processed plastic absorbs sound waves and does not reflect sound waves indoors.
In general the sound will be minimized.

Options are infinite. Panels have the standard sizes, but it is very easy to cut them under your specific project.
It is possible to cut boards a saw, and a felt with a knife.

Use our acoustic panels to create a healthy sound environment for you, your employees or your family.

  • The indicated price is for the selected size panel.

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MDF, Vaneer



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Ceiling, Walls

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