Created by OKAMURA and Giugiaro Design, the CONTESSA SECONDA office chair fuses modern Italian design with Japanese technology, bringing the chair’s comfort, style and functionality to a new level.


  • Synchronous reclining mechanism
  • Seat height adjustment. The seat height can be adjusted with the lever on the right armrest.
  • Recline lock. The recline angle can be adjusted with the lever on the left armrest. You can choose free swing or your favorite angle (in five positions).
  • Tension adjustment. The swing tension adjustment dial allows you to adjust the resistance of the swing to suit your body shape and posture.
  • Seat depth adjustment. A lever located under the seat for easy access allows you to easily slide the seat back or forward up to 50mm.
  • 4D adjustable armrests
  • Soft or hard wheels, 75 mm diameter

For an additional price, you can purchase a lumbar support – 104 Eur, a small headrest – 145Eur, a large headrest – 191Eur, a large headrest (leather) – 436 Eur, coat hanger – 145Eur.

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